Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

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Present Tenses Quiz


Revision of Tenses (Grade 8)

Complete the text using the appropriate form of the verbs in brackets. Do not add any other words.


My family and I went to the Ocean Centre in my home town recently. It’s one of the most amazing places I   (ever / be). Our guide told us that originally the Centre  (set up) to help look after the seas and protect the life within them. In fact, every entry ticket  (buy) there helps the Centre  (achieve) this aim, so that morning I also   (feel) my visit was in a good cause.

By chance, we arrived just at feeding time and watched staff  (give) food to hundreds of fish. Unfortunately for me, the visitors  (not allow) to do the same on that occasion. But still, if anyone asked me for the advice, I (really / recommend) being there at feeding time. You’ll see feeding times  (advertise) at the ticket desk, or you can telephone in advance  (find out) when they are.



LEVEL  C  Past Simple

LEVEL B    Past Simple vs Past Continuous

LEVEL A (Past Simple, Past Contunuous, Past Perfect)

LEVEL A+ (za takmicenje)  Mixed TensesRepublicko takmicenje iz engleskog jezika 2013 -pismeni deo

Izaberite jedan od nivoa. Nivo C je najlaksi, a nivo A+ je najtezi, za ucenike koji planiraju da se spremaju za takmicenje iz engleskog jezika.